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You have two choices. Obama and Romney. Neither will stop government collusion with big business. Neither wants to make significant cuts to the military budget. Neither wants to take on the military-industrial complex. Neither wants to end the war on drugs. Neither will even address the issues of prison overcrowding and prison privatization. Neither wants to make radical changes to America’s foreign policy. Those are your “two” choices.  

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Slo-Mo Left Hook

It hurts extra bad in slow motion.


The Straightish & Narrower

Disastrous intent
and bending like a spoon.
Silver moon. Stale bread.

The tides of her eyes do crest, as pupils shine.
They scream out loud, “I’m still alive.”

But after, the master calls her men!
At three inches in; sore womb.
Bruised skin.

An instrumental tune. A poem ended soon,
and a guy that wastes entire years
writing in his room.

Cadaver, not right now,
though soon.


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IMPERFECT (No Longer Available)
HOW TO FAIL AT LIFE (No Longer Available)
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Wren (feat. Alvin Schutmaat) - Inventing The Universe (2012)
Poetry Collection Vol.01 (2012)

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Fey (starring Dustin Garlow of NOVICE / Audio by Brian Green)
McFoley - WhatUPyoFACE
Bryce Z - The Cougar (2010)
Wade Devericks - Little Birdies(2010)
I Wonder Where The Moments Go (2011)(Jack Conte, Unofficial)
Fairweather Friend - Eating Stones (2011)
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why cant we all just be humanists?   
some feminists are hateful towards men which has empowered by the idea of feminism, iv had women refuse to debate it about me because “im a white boy”  …so what? im a white boy so my arguments invalid ? whos being discriminatory now?  
i understand that there are cases in which women are not treated the same, but the same can be said for men (for example who usually wins custody of the children in a divorce? )
and madonna is wrong,  dressing like a women isnt degrading because we think women are inferior, its because of the alpha male issue, men by nature strive to be the most manly they can be in order to gain control over other men and gain power, its are evolutionary need, and we want it because women usually go for dominant males, and we want women, we love and desire and crave women, we put them on pedestals. we do not think their inferior by any stretch.

i actually think feminism has created a new barrier between people,  and i dont think we need it when we have humanism,  the believe that all humans are equal, male or female, black or white, gay or straight.  how about we focus on equality for everyone,  instead of just women…. surely thats more..equal.  

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“Boxing” by Ben Folds Five.

Howard, the strangest things
Have happened lately when I
Take a good swing at all my dreams;
They pivot and slip;
I drop my fists and they’re back,
Laughing, Howard.

My intention’s become
Not to lose what I’ve won.
Ambition has given way to
Desperation and I
Lost the fight for my eyes.

Boxing’s been good to me, Howard.
Now I’m told, “You’re growing old”.
The whole time you knew
A couple of years I’d be through.
Has boxing been good to you?

Howard, now I’ll confess;
I’m scared and lonely and tired.
They seem to think I’m made of clay
Another day?
I’m not cut out for this.
I just know what to say:

I say boxing’s been good to me, Howard.
Now I’m told, “You’re growing old”.
The whole time you knew
A couple of years I’d be through.
Has boxing been good to you?

Well sometimes I punch myself
Hard as I can, yelling “Nobody cares”,
Hoping some one will tell me how
Wrong I am
, Howard...

Boxing’s been good to me, Howard.
Now I’m told, “You’re growing old”
The whole time you knew
A couple of years I’d be through.
Has boxing been good?
Has boxing been good?
Has boxing been good?

I almost slipped and fell in , it wasn’t fun. 

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